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Larmé n.f. larme (lat. lacrima)
Goutte de liquide salé produit par
les glandes lacrymales situées sous
les paupières, qui s’échappe parfois

Larme is defined as ‘Tears’ in French. My art of choice is portraits as the eyes are the windows, you can see everything in them, know everything about someone and that’s what I’m drawn to, emotion. Our lives are swimming through an ocean of tears. As babies when we need, as children when we hurt, as teenagers when we pout, as adults when we are sad and as the elderly when we weep for our love, our life and all the things we have seen and cannot change.

Art has been the foundation of my life since birth. Music was the art of choice in our house and there was always plenty of it; from that, music taught me passion and to see the many layers of sound. As humans, we are similar to musical composition with different melody and rhythm. Beneath every piece there lies capriccioso, appassionato, grave and soul shattering crescendi.

My talents are God given and have never taken formal classes outside the required curriculum where the teachers put me in contests in which I won regional awards for art and pottery. I think my desire to draw came from 2 male relatives, their art was amazing to my young eyes; the elder relative drew very dark things such as skulls and devils, the younger drew the most astonishing roses. I fell so in love with wanting to be that good. While I don’t have contact with either of them any longer, the last time I seen the elder relative he was astonished by my art and felt that I surpassed him.

What I hope to accomplish as an artist is pleasure. To please both viewer and myself is one of my greatest joys. My hobbies include my 3 Pomeranians, lingerie, cooking, video games and listening to music.

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