I don’t believe in over-charging for something that derives great pleasure.
My pricing covers basic materials and the fee for time.

If you aren’t sure whether or not you are looking to buy a commission piece,
I’d highly recommend looking at my Etsy. Maybe you’ll see a print you like.
Also, if there is a print you would like that I don’t have on etsy but you’ve seen in my Art Portfolio,
Simply contact me and I’ll have it up for you.

Questions and Specifications you might be curious about:
Currently, I’m charging $250 for a 13×19 portrait. I work on acid free 140lb mixed media paper so that it has an archive finish and a lot of texture to the piece. It’s durable and will not fade.

I use mixed Charcoal/Ink and Pencil on 140lb watercolor paper. It’s durable and won’t fade. Depending on some pieces, I feel the need to add some watercolor and acrylic for a better artistic representation, these things are of no additional cost to you.

PAPER: 140lb Acid Free Mixed Media Paper

DRAWING MATERIAL: Charcoal, Ink and Pencil – Although, I occasionally used acrylic, watercolor or metallic pens for a better artistic representation – Use of these extra products are of no extra cost to you.

OCCASION: It would be a great opportunity for a very special and unique gift! Ideal for Christmas presents, birthday gifts, weddings, christenings, anniversary or for any occasion and person you find special.

WHO AND WHAT? Your spouse, partner, parents, children and pets too! This is a great opportunity to have a one of a kind item of your favorite celebrity, musician or model. I also draw nudes, just ask.

HOW LONG? Wait time is short, about 2 weeks, maybe 3 at the most for the final product. I will keep you updated on the item as I go along to see if there are changes or specifications we can talk about and adjust.

THE PROCESS: We will chat about the piece you are wanting done and I will ask you to submit a photo/photos for consideration. If there is a specific photo you want drawn, I can do that for you. As I begin to go along, I will be sending you updates for your approval and to see if there are any changes you would like made.

FRAMING: I can give you advice on the best framing but if you trust my judgement, I can also prove matting and framing options at an additional cost.

If you still have some more questions or are looking to work with me:
– Send me a message.
– Please put ‘ART COMMISSION’ as the subject.
– Feel free to ask anything in regards to works, sizes, pricing or whatnot.
– Take a look at this page on Etsy for some more infromation